Teaching & Workshops

Currently I’m offering these lectures & workshops to educational/ art institutions:


The Common Man’s Music History Workshop aims to inform local artists, students and music lovers with world music history. The workshop offers insights on how music has played a pivotal role in catalysing social change; and has also been an instrument for the protection of human rights in society.


The Narratology Workshop aims to equip artists, students and enthusiasts with the basic knowledge of how storytelling manifests in various art forms. The workshop unfolds methodologies of interpretation that are often applied by scholars, writers, artists and critics in understanding art. The workshop offers insights on how stories are built and how they often follow structural constructs that may be superficially invisible to the layperson. The workshop aims to enable students with the essentials of interpretation that are vital in understanding art.


The Video Art Workshop is akin to a crash course in how video and digital media have become relevant as contemporary art forms. The workshop unveils the history of video art and media based practices that changed the notion of art from being a mere commodity into a form of artistic practice that catalyses public discourse. The workshop offers insights on how artists of the 60’s and 70’s shed traditional notions of gallery focused and market happy art practices and embraced art as a catalyst of social and cultural change. The workshop aims to equip students with the essentials of media based interventions that are vital in understanding socially and politically relevant art practices.


This lecture series first emerged from a request from the Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University, India, where I was invited to give a lecture on arts management and curation. However, in keeping with the need to give some historical background I thought it best to include some brief philosophical concepts that are conducive to the realm of arts administration. The first round of this series was held in October 2016 at the Centre for Heritage Management. This is a series of three lectures focussed on arts management & curation. The lectures are divided into three sections:

  1. Introduction to arts management
  2. Critical thinking Exercise
  3. Philosophies relevant to the arts and curation